Sunday, January 10, 2010

A trip to City Forest

We had some free time this weekend and decided to take the kids Tobogganing.  Alyssa had seen "tofrogganing" as she calls it, on an episode of "Calliou" so she was quite excited.  Last minute we decided to take Mom with us.  The toboggan that we have was originally my parents.  She said they bought it in 1976 when they first moved to town.  They gave it to Chris and me when they moved from the house I grew up in.  Chris and I were living in Ohio at the time.  When we moved back here, we forgot that it was in the attic above our garage and did not have the movers pack it.  Months later, we remembered and contacted our old neighbors who went over and ask the new home owners about it and then brought it to us.  Phew!!  Anywho...we went tobogganing.  It was so much fun.  Mom giggled the whole way down the first run.  When we got off she said she had forgotten how much fun it is.  I don't have the best pictures because you can't really take your camera with on the toboggan ride, but you'll get the idea.

Here is the toboggan run on one end of the forest.

Aly G with her cold cheeks.

I'm glad we're not in Texas!!


  1. That's awesome that you were able to "rescue" it, and that you have (had) such great neighbors that they'd bring it to you.

  2. Love this! OK now I have the courage to go with Caleb. Rob so wants to do this. Too much fun. :o)