Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Blues...

I'm officially ready for winter to be over.  I'm longing for the days of throwing the kids in the stroller and heading to the park.  I'm longing for no more bulky winter coats.  I'm longing for the sun...oh the sun... But alas, it's February in Michigan which means we have at least one if not two more months of this...  Here are the latest pics and we try desperately to be entertained inside for just a little longer.

Put the toys in a new basket and they look like new toys!

Thank goodness they're easy to entertain!

See the two new teeth!!  There are four more coming through on the top this week!!

Nothing like a good book.

A package arrived in the mail yesterday from Uncle Brian and Aunt Kim and saved the afternoon.

Alyssa doing what she does best...lining things up!

Thanks guys!!

Here's to spring...come soon!


  1. Ugh. I'm with you. TN has seen more snow and ice this winter than in decades. No fun, even for this northern gal.

    I hope I did you proud with my "mistreatment" of the bedskirt...I thought I'd be okay with it just white, but it So, she got an extra layer. Pics soon; battery is charging. =)

  2. What a fun afternoon. MaryBeth you take great photos! The kids are so you guys.
    Love, Nana