Monday, August 9, 2010

It is good to be 4!!!

We had a birthday girl here this weekend and it was fun! I love the anticipation that builds now that she understands what birthday's are! She had several special requests this time around... a party at the park, balloons, chocolate cake and Grandma, Nana and Papa. Despite a rainy morning, the sun came up and we got to have our picnic party at the park after church. The balloons lasted 2 minutes until the first gust of wind came along and pulled them off of the weight. (Thank you Kroger balloon man for not tying the balloons securely and causing the outburst that ensued as the balloons flew away). On a more successful note, I was able to make this year's birthday cake on my first attempt (you may recall these two fails...Fail One, Fail Two)! I'm pretty happy with the results...and as a bonus, it tasted great!

In progress

The final product!

The presents were definitely the hit of the day. And why not when Disney Princesses, Jay Jay the Jet Plane and a Rocking Horse made up only part of the list. Let's just say she faired quite well.

What kitchen window is complete without Princess Gels...

I'm not sure who was more excited here. Me,that I finally got to give her these planes she's been wanting forever, or her that she finally got them!

Papa and Grandma gave her new earrings.

The American Girl Bitty Baby Double Stroller she's been longing for. Her babies will be glad they no longer have to pile three high.

And the beloved rocking horse. She was so excited that she now has one "like her friend Edan."

What a great birthday for a GREAT little girl. She's growing up, and I'm loving the little girl she's becoming. I can't wait to see what this years holds for her.


  1. Once again, you inspire me.

    Not the cake, though it turned out fabulously. But in the joy that is so evident on your face watching Alyssa celebrate. You're such a good mom, MB.

  2. Happy Birthday, Alyssa...thank you for inviting us to your party in the park!
    Papa and I loved seeing your delight opening each gift, eating cake with you, and watching you chase the sea gulls!
    PS - Chris - thanks for making the great sandwiches and MaryBeth - the cake and frosting were tasty!

  3. Ahh I was waiting for a birthday post!! :)

    Looks like you all (see... still not saying ya'll!) had such a good time! Wish Andrew and I could have been there to celebrate with you!

    p.s. - MB your cake decorating skills are amazing! How much do you charge for wedding cakes? (kidding!) Miss you!