Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After much waiting...

Halloween happened...and it was so much fun.  Alyssa is at such a great age for all things holidays.  She loves the decorations, and made some of her own.   She was filled with anticipation, (our Halloween countdown started at 54 days out!).  She picked out her own costume this year which was fun because it's never what you expect.  She also picked our her own pumpkin.  She couldn't wait to make a Jack O Lantern and had lots of advice on what each of us should carve into our pumpkins.

Friday night after Evan went to bed we dove into our pumpkins.  Alyssa was not a fan of the pumpkin guts.  She so desperately wanted to make pumpkin seeds to eat, but could not stand the sliminess of the process.

Look at her wince!

 So, she left that to me and began eating candy...which she promptly spilled all over the floor.

The pumpkin that Alyssa picked out was pretty small, but this thing was the hardest pumpkin I have ever carved.  Eventually I had to call in for help, and then he had to trade off again.  After much struggle, we carved the "spooky ghost" she requested.

 Chris' pumpkin

My pumpkin.

All of our pumpkins lit.

Saturday night just couldn't get here fast enough.  We occupied our time making trips to Nana and Papa's and to Grandma's to show off our little Trick or Treater's.

(Nana and Papa, if you send me a picture, I'll add it in.  We forgot our camera at your house.)

Finally, it was show time and Chris and Alyssa headed out for the big event.

They came back after ~45 minutes to warm up a bit, and then Aly-G wanted to head back out.  Evan had been trying so hard to make a break for it each time the door was opened, so Chris agreed to take him too.  This proved to be mighty beneficial to Alyssa.  In half as much time she came back with twice as much candy. Apparently Evan looks like he could use a little candy.

So after way too much candy and two nights in a row of staying up way too late, I consider it a success.  I think I enjoyed Halloween this year more than I have in a long, long time.


  1. I love that last picture of Evan!!! Alyssa looks adorable as well! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  2. You guys always have the best jack-o-lanterns. I'm jealous. We didn't carve a single one of the 30 gourds on our porch (though I can't say I missed the mess).

    Both of your litte 'uns look just adorable -- I love A's dragon costume.

    Happy November!