Monday, November 16, 2009

Now that's more like it!

This weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  October was unseasonably cold, but so far November has been unseasonably warm.  I'll take it!  My mom had the brilliant idea that we should put our Christmas lights up while it was in the 60's.  Brilliant I tell you.  I usually wait until Thanksgiving at which point my fingers go stiff and numb from the cold.  This was so much better!

Mid summer Chris snagged the wood of an Ash Tree that one of our neighbors cut down.  It has been drying in the garage ever since.  One of his favorite things to do on a Saturday is to go out and chop up a few pieces. It's also one of my favorite things for him to do because I LOVE having fires...lots of fires!!

Alyssa tired of the chore aspect of the day and decided coloring was more her speed.

Here's hoping for a mild winter!

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