Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you still there???

If you're reading this, you're officially a faithful reader. Sorry it's been so long...I just haven't felt like blogging. Real life happens apparently... Since I've been gone, Spring has arrived, the snow is gone, Evan now walks almost exclusively, Alyssa started gymnastics, we went on retreat with the High School students from church, I turned 30!!!!!, Chris made me an AMAZING desk which I am currently sitting at. I L-O-V-E it! So yeah, we've been busy, but having a lot of fun.

Here she is ready for her first gymnastics class.


Oh that face...

Nothing like a balloon, a swing set and the sun on an early spring day.

Ok, nothing like a Halloween necklace, a gymnastics outfit and a sandbox on an early spring day.

Care to splash?

Aly-G, you're the best...


  1. I love that 3rd and last photo of Alyssa. I wonder what she thinks??

  2. MaryBeth,
    Thank you so much for your careful photography - you capture Alyssa's spirit and determination. What a good mom...

  3. Glad you're back! I miss you and hope you had a great birthday! The kids are getting so big! Oh and you need to post pics of that desk! ;)