Sunday, March 28, 2010

I feel it only fair to brag on Evan after the last post about Alyssa. The little man is changing so much and becoming so much fun as he gains more independence and tries to communicate more. Mom and I went shopping Friday night and got Evan his first official pair of shoes! Here he is checking them out...

He likes them!!

He found his way into the pantry, pulled out the Cheerios and had a snack. He was entertained for much longer than it took me to clean it up, so I say...go for it!

I just think he looks so sweet here. There's something about him in his pj's that melts my heart!

Ok, how could you not love that face. What a little peanut. I love you Ev...


  1. I REALLY hoped this post would be pics of your new desk, but I forgive you, because that second picture is just TOO stinkin' adorable. (And Seth had gator pj's, too!)

  2. He is too cute! And what a sweet smile...enjoy these days. When I look at pictures of our boys at this age, I still smile...

  3. Ah, the Cheerios box. I have one of those shots of Eli in just the same position!

  4. They are both adorable! Love the Cheerios!!!