Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello again!

So after multiple requests from many people, I'm back. I have to admit having the break has been nice and allowed me to really think about why I want or don't want to continue blogging. My final decision to continue came after Chris said that he really enjoyed looking back through the months and remembering things that had happened in our life. I had struggled with "keeping up with the Jones' " I guess...not feeling like everyday life was worth blogging about. Turns out in hindsight, everyday life looks pretty good. So my goal is once a week updates about life. I can't promise every week will be jam packed with fabulous outings and projects, but I can promise cute kiddos, a puppy, and a mom and dad who really do love this little life we've been given. Stay tuned, I'm working on a May and June recap.


  1. Yea! I'm super glad you're back. Some MB is ALWAYS better than NO MB!

  2. Thank goodness...these blogs are what makes a life. I used to call them scrapbooks, but this is so much better...Hugs

  3. Alright! I enjoy reading your updates.