Monday, July 12, 2010

May/June Recap

Wow! May was a long time ago. Sorry inter-peeps for the delay. I would have sworn to you that nothing note worthy happened in May, but as I looked through the photos...there were some pretty good things happening!

Alyssa finished up her first session of gymnastics. She loves it, and is really getting quite good. She practices new moves all the time and is always excited for an audience she can show "something really cool" to.

Andrew graduated, Kate finished student teaching and they got engaged!! They came over and hung out with us one last time before Andrew moved to Texas. Fun times.
We miss you Uncle Andrew and soon to be Aunt Kate!

For Mother's day I really wanted a bird feeder. I figured Chris deserved a year off from extravagant gifts after last years ring upgrade! You are looking at the first bird to visit my feeder. It's that little yellow dot on top of the shepherds hook. Turns out it takes them a while to find the feeder, so after weeks of waiting, I was super excited to take this picture.

This is Alyssa on the last day of 3's preschool. What a great year she had.

..and we can't forget Macy. Here she is on our way home from picking her up. We chose her based on her behavior around Evan. She was the only one not jumping up on the little guy, so she was our girl!

Perhaps June was the slower of the two months.

Alyssa finished session two of gymnastics. This time she got a "gold medal". Very exciting.

We hit up the local beach one spontaneous afternoon. Chris came home for lunch and just didn't go back that was fun. just cute. I love this little guy.

...a little frog hunting at Chippewa Nature Center. Bless Alyssa's heart...she will hate that I put this on here someday, but it is so her.

We visited Baby Acres, a local farm with friends from church. It's always fun petting and feeding the animals. Or if you're Evan, learning to milk a cow.

Each year our street has a block party. This year they were having a bike parade so Alyssa and I went and picked out decorations for her tricycle and decorated it. She then refused to ride in the parade, so I had the privilege of escorting Evan. Doesn't he look good with pink streamers?!

Alyssa has had going to the circus as a must accomplish sooner rather than later on her bucket list. So when we learned the circus was coming to town we hit it up. It was on one of the hottest days of the summer...but she has now been to the circus...moving on to the next item...going to Brazil to see monkeys!? (yes, that is a request of hers.)

My sweet husband must really love me because I do know how to come up with projects! I had the great idea to remove the steps from our kitchen door and install a larger landing with the steps so that I could manage the dirt on the kids and dog outside instead of in the kitchen. Well, he turned my vision into a mini deck off of the kitchen. I love it! He and his Dad worked so hard and it looks so great...sorry I don't have a pic of the finished product.

...and now you are caught up to July.


  1. So glad you shared all the pictures. I was just thinking about how quickly A's FOURTH (!!! How did that happen) birthday is creeping up. And how cute is Evan.

    It's funny....I noticed your birdfeeder in the FB pic you posted of the crashed patio furnniture and thought, "Hmm, cute. That is so MB." So, happy belated mother's day to you. (Psst...I want to know how Chris upgraded your ring last year!)

  2. What a great recap of May and June...the kids (and Macy) are really enjoying all the wonderful 'adventures' you take. Such sweet smiles!

  3. Woohoo! New blog posts! :)
    I love reading all of these as well - especially since soon we'll be living so far apart!

    p.s. - I love love love the "soon to be aunt kate!" really made me smile, mb!