Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a Wrap

I know the cute pictures of the kids are the main draw for most of the people reading this blog...but alas, there is more to me than those kiddos, so today is about me!

I find immense satisfaction in organizing and tidying up disorganized spaces. In my dream world I would have endless funds to buy cute baskets and labels and every little thing would have it's own labeled spot. Instead my far from endless funds buy diapers, trains and swimming lessons. (That is not a complaint...just a fact).

Our guest room has served three different functions since we moved here two years ago. First it was the office, then as Alyssa grew so did her toy collection and the office became the playroom. Our family then grew and the playroom moved to the newly finished basement and the guest room moved to the playroom so that Alyssa could move into the guest room so that Evan could move into the nursery. Make sense? Good! The point is, the closet in that had items from the office, and items from the playroom and items that needed to go to Salvation Army. It was just a mess. Today, Alyssa had a playdate at Grandma's, and Evan took an incredible nap, so I tackled the closet. If I were a more experienced blogger you would now be seeing a photo of the before, but I didn't take one. My apologies.

I am only showing you half of the closet because the other half is now empty. Yes, guests can now hang their clothes in the closet...novel! Behold the other half of the closet.

Doesn't it look great?! This is home to all things wrapping. It is also the home to my sewing machine and other sewing neccesities. Notice the hanging items where clothes would normally hang.

Yes that's right... those are all gift bags organized by size. Shame on me for ever going and buying another bag at the store. If you're local and in need of a gift bag...come on over...I think I may have something you could use.

The peace that comes with knowing everything is in it's place...I love that.


  1. If I didn't love you, I would hate you. If I, too, didn't organize my gift bags by size and color, I don't think God would have let us become friends. ;)

    Yea for long naps and clean closets. I did my pantry (again) last week and go in there now just to look at the beautiful neatness.

  2. OMG. You're hired. HGTV seriously needs to know about your skills. I can not believe you organized by size and color. Amazing. BTW, the closet looks awesome. I can only imagine how cluttered it looked before. I did not know that you sewed. I wish I was actually blessed with such skills. I can not even sew a straight line! Believe me I have tried :o) Did I read spending money on swimming lessons...this is awesome! I can't wait to go down the slide with you guys!