Thursday, July 30, 2009

My very own Backyardigans

One rather chilly April weekend Chris, Uncle Andrew, Kate and I set out to build a swingset for Alyssa and Evan. It came in a million unlabeled pieces.

So we measured, identified and labeled each piece.

It was a rather tedious and lengthy process.

The finished product!

Evan was only two months old when we set up the swingset. Alyssa has spent many hours playing on it, but Evan has just now begun to join in the fun. Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. After Evan woke up from his nap, we decided to head outside and swing for a bit.

The joy on her face in this picture is what I was hoping for as we built the swingset so many months ago.

Big sissy pushing "my wittle brover."

Evan eating up every second of attention that she gives him.

What I didn't anticipate is the joy I would feel watching the two of them interact. There is something amazing about watching them form a bond that will last a lifetime. It is so sweet and pure and soley based on giggles right now...I love that.

(Monica, I'm thinking of you as I write this. I pray you will soon experience this feeling yourself.)


  1. Wow, the finished product looks so much better than the piles of wood I last saw!
    Yay! I am so glad that they are really enjoying it!