Saturday, August 1, 2009


We have been Up North this weekend, and have had a few firsts I thought I'd share with you.

Evan gave swimming a try this weekend and...loved it! This little guy has come so far from his first few very fussy months of life. He so rarely cries now...I give large amounts of credit to big sister Alyssa for being SO entertaining.

...I love that

Alyssa had a cupcake for breakfast this morning. This is certainly not the norm but, the rest of us were having doughnuts. You could argue the cupcake was healthier since it was not fried! Chris didn't feel right saying "eat your doughnut, then you can have a cupcake..."

...I love that

Alyssa was quite dissapointed that Nana didn't have a seat for her on her bicycle. So instead we went for a wagon ride. Evan has not riden in a wagon before, and they both thoroughly enjoyed it.

...I love that

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  1. I love that solo picture of Alyssa. Happy, happy girl. I think the cupake made her day.