Friday, August 7, 2009

The Truth...

Multiple sources have led me to the place I sit today. It's an uncomfortable but exciting place to be.

This blog post got me thinking. Specifically this quote :

One way to define emotional maturity is that it is the ability to stay relationally connected with another person while at the same time not having one’s own feelings and behaviors determined by that person. Another way to think about it is that emotional maturity is what is needed in order to consistently live according to one’s own values and beliefs rather than being controlled by anxious feelings with any given person or situation.

Not being able to blog about the truth of this weekend left me frustrated.

This comment made me realize what I was doing.

This blog post was the ultimate breaking point.

This quote was inspiring.

- The truth is, I love our kids, but I am so much more than just them...and this is MY blog.
- The truth is, we have a great life, but it's not always picture perfect. So why not share that too?
- The truth is, I hesitated sharing this blog with our family, even though the original intent was to share what's going on with the kids, because I knew that I would begin to censor what I really wanted to write.
- The truth is, if I don't get real, this blog is on it's way out.

I realize the vaugeness of this post. That's becauseI don't know what all of this means yet. What I do know is, it's about to get real in here...and I love that!

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  1. Preach it, sister. I am walking this fine line with you, and I know you know that. Maybe I'll take the plunge once you do. Eeeeeek!

    You know I will read and support and comment no matter what you write. Whether or not I know if it is truth-truth or veiled-truth.

    Doesn't Emily just tell it like it is? I want to be her when I grow up. Well, her AND the Nester. To bad I wasn't just born their other sister. Oh, what problems that would have saved me!

    Hope you guys have a great weekend. Maybe you should pick up a watermellon.....? ;)