Monday, August 3, 2009

Even more firsts!

I assumed after the three firsts I last blogged about that we wouldn't have anymore over the weekend. I was wrong!

Alyssa surprised us so much this weekend when she decided that she wanted to go on multiple fair rides. Alyssa to this point has been a very cautious child. I would not label her as a risk taker with people or with experiences. Saturday night however, she was BRAVE!

First she decided that she wanted to ride the trucks. Without batting an eye she walked up, gave the man her tickets and let him put her into the truck. A girl came up and wanted to ride with her, so she moved over and off she went.

I thought that was huge and then she wanted to go on the Dumbo ride. She wasn't tall enough to ride by herself so I got to ride too! I thought for sure when we lifted off into the air that she would begin clammoring to get off...Nope, she loved it.

She then decided she'd like to go on the slide...You know, the one that you have to climb several flights of stairs to slide down. We started heading for the slide and then she saw the ferris wheel. She no longer wanted to go on the slide and instead insisted that she go on the ferris wheel. I am not brave enough for that, so Chris got to go on that one. Again, I thought she would freak out, but she did nothing but smile and laugh.

What a girl!

Chris and I also had a first! We entered the annual Paddlebuoy race. I had two goals. Don't fall off and don't finish last. I'm proud to say I achieved both goals! Chris, I'm proud to say finished second! Me? Second to last...but...not last!

Aww...matching shirts!

Good times...I love that!

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  1. Oh my -- was that just the most bittersweet thing? When her independence manifests itself like that? How is it that she is going to be 3 in a week?

    And you go, girl, on the race! I'm impressed.