Friday, August 21, 2009

Date Night

Chris and I are not nearly as good as we should be at setting time aside to go out without the kiddos. Everytime we finally do go out alone, we always say "we really should do this more often." Tuesday night was no different. Yes, that's right Tuesday night. When Grandma's available and Uncle Andrew and Kate are in town why not Tuesday night?
Andrew was home on a break from his internship in Virginia and Kate just got back from 6 weeks in South Africa, so we really enjoyed the time to catch up with them. We headed downtown and had dessert at a local hot spot. It was a gorgeous night so we ate outside.

Very nice!

The happy couples.

I love this girl... so does Andrew! YAY!

After we parted ways, Chris and I walked around downtown for a little bit. I so enjoy him. It's fun to be back living in the same place we dated. There's nothing like a little reminiscing to bring back all those puppy love feelings. Downtown was a big part of early us. It's where we were first asked if we were dating..before we had talked about it officially. I believe the awkward answer was "we're hanging out." It's where we first held hands... I don't think I will ever forget the butterflies that caused. It's also where he first held me from behind. I was smitten. The picture below was taken outside of the hotel where we spent our wedding night.

Wasn't it a gorgeous night?

One of the big things that keeps us from going out sometimes is that we really don't want to drop $50 to go out to eat or see a movie. But that night cost $15 and was every bit as great...perhaps better than if we had gone out to dinner. I think our last excuse for not going out has been blown to pieces. Maybe now we'll get serious about this date night thing! I know I that!


  1. I wondered where your new profile pic on FB came from. I love your outfit -- you look so hip and pretty.

    I'm glad that you were able to spend some time with Kate and Andrew, and with your best guy. Keep making date night a priority -- you guys have too special of a relationship to let "life" get in the way of "us"!

  2. You two look so adorable together! It's great you were able to be where you first met and relive the butterflies, just the two of you!

    In that last picture you look like a couple who's just fallen in love... the twinkling eyes do it, I think. That's a good thing!

  3. I had such a good time with you two, MB! After spending so much time away from everyone in South Africa, it was such a joy to sit and talk with good friends!

    I vote that we make a date night mandatory whenever Andrew and I are in town! :)