Saturday, August 29, 2009

Those are my kids!

Things seem to just be getting better and better the older the kids get. Evan is oh so close to crawling, and Alyssa is quite the cheerleader. We're trying to key her in to the fact that as soon as he's mobile, she will have to share her toys. So far so good, but time will tell. They really do love each other. Alyssa can do anything...literally anything, bop him in the nose, lay on top of him, try to scare him, and he bursts into laughter, which causes her to laugh, which causes him to laugh more! They spend a lot of time on the floor "playing together." I caught some of the love shared between them earlier this week.

I am so blessed. This is my family!


  1. Your family is beautiful! It's so neat to see the kiddos lovin' on each other. You must be so proud, mama!

  2. Aw! I'm hoping to get up to see you the next time I'm home for an extended visit.