Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine!

Alyssa is not really the girly girl type. Hmm...wonder where she got that? Hints of her inner girl have begun emerging as of late. She has taken a keen interest in princesses, hence the princess birthday and has been playing dress up more frequently. She has always had a motherly side to her, but even gives her baby dolls boy names. We have Colin the American Girl Bitty Baby wearing HIS pink pajamas at our house! Anywho, I say all of this to preface the big announcement that we rode Thomas the Train this weekend! Alyssa loves all things Thomas the train. We got her a Thomas train table for Christmas and since she has accumulated quite the collection of trains. She has spent soooo many hours playing with this train table, watching the movies and reading the books. If there is one thing we know at our house, it is Thomas.

The little engineer at work.

For those people reading who aren't as familiar with Thomas, he tours the country during the summer months stopping at railroads all over the US. We were fortunate to have one of the stops an hour from our house.

Do you think she was excited?

Here comes Thomas!

She was so quiet from this point on just taking it all in. I kept asking her if she was having fun because she was so reserved. I think she was just a bit star struck. Since Saturday, I can't tell you the number of times she has talked about "Thomas pulling us."

Aboard Thomas. "Mommy, we're passengers!"

Another passenger. Thomas lulled him to sleep. This poor little guy had an ear infection. Chris rushed him to urgent care that morning before we had to leave. He was a trooper!

Her big moment with Thomas himself.

What a great day. I'm so thankful we can share these experiences together as a family.
Thanks Thomas!

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