Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends reunited

I didn't fully appreciate how hard it can be to find another stay at home mom that you love to be with, whose children you also love your children to be with, until the VanNoords moved away. Turns out it's quite the treasure. It was always so easy to just be with them, and then they moved. I'm still sad...but...we got to see them this week!

I am struggling to put into words how great it was to be with them again. They moved away in May, and there is definitly a hole that still remains in our life. They lived in our neighborhood, so we would frequently go for walks or to the park or just hang out at each other's houses. We walked through our pregnancies of Evan and Charlie together but most of all, we watched our children form an unbelievable, undeniable bond. As you will see from the following collection of pictures, Edan and Alyssa have something special. From the minute they laid eyes on each other again, to the sad good-bye as they left, they spent every possible moment together.

I only have eyes for you...

A little jumping before bed.

Story time with Chris.
We thought perhaps they could actually sleep in the same room together, but they couldn't stop chatting. It was a sad break-up.

Hiding in their fort from the "dragon!"

Time to settle down and watch a show.

Alyssa must have really missed "Miss Laura" because she kept running up and hugging her the entire visit. I know the feeling...

I have no words...I love them.

Evan and Charlie getting to know each other.

The whole crew.

My dear, dear friend. I miss you.


  1. How cute are they?!?...too cute!

  2. I am with my "Laura" right now. She has been in Florida now for two months, and I'm hating that Wednesday will come and I will again watch Jen's van drive away. Tearing up just thinking about it now, even as her two little ones are smearing Toaster Strudel frosting all over my table. ;)

  3. no words, only teary eyes! we had such a great time with you guys!