Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame!

I love baseball games. Very unlikely, but true. Chris and I discovered this shared love while living in Toledo. Our first year in Ohio we lived in an apartment complex where the players from the Toledo MudHens lived. We became friends with one of the players and his wife and went to many many baseball games with them. We sat in the family seating and watched fireworks afterwards from the dugout, it was a great introduction to the game I came to love.

This is Charlotte and me at a MudHens game in 2004.

We were so sad to leave the MudHens behind...BUT...Midland got their own team: The Great Lakes Loons! While the MudHens will always hold a special place in my heart (I still wear my MudHens sweatshirt and drink from my MudHens cup) the Loons are quickly becoming our team.

Tonight, thanks to Nana and Papa, we went to a game.

At the beginning of the season, Alyssa was terrified of Lou E. Loon. However, after he gave her an autographed baseball she began warming up to him. Tonight she ditched the ice cream line and bee-lined it for Lou E. when he came into sight.

Her new friend.

Alyssa and Papa sharing peanuts.

Who wouldn't smile. She had a hot dog, peanuts, an ice cream sandwich and an ice cream cone.

A night at the ballpark...I love that!

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  1. Have you heard about the promotion Kraft is doing right now? If you take a Kraft Singles wrapper (I'm guessing the package wrapper, not just the cellophane one! lol!), you get a free ticket to a minor league game. I heard that on the radio today and thought of you!