Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend was gorgeous. It really felt like summer was just beginning instead of ending. It just hasn't stayed consistently warm here. Anyway, we enjoyed the first part of the weekend here at home, and then went Up North to be with Nana and Papa and Uncle Eric and Aunt Alicia.

All summer we have been wanting a bike trailer so that we could go for bike rides in the evening. Evan was too small for most of the summer, but he's not anymore!!

It's been just as much fun as we imagined. We've ridden to the ice cream store, to Grandma's, and to see Papa. Tomorrow we are riding to Alyssa's pre-school for the Open House. So far, Evan has fallen asleep on every ride!

Our first night Up North, Alicia's parents threw a party to celebrate their recent marriage. It was very nice. Alicia had put together a slide show from their professional pics that really gave a nice summary of the day. Lots of people from Alicia's past that couldn't attend the Chicago wedding were there and happy to see the lovely couple.

The beautiful bride and I posing

The crew eating a little dinner

Chris and Alyssa had a ton of fun chasing each other around this tree.

Sunday was spent mostly at the pool. Who doesn't love that? Stefan had the water at a lovely 88 degrees, I love when you get in and can't feel that you just got in.

Eric and Alyssa decided to do some modeling/tanning. Too cute.

That evening after dinner Eric, Alicia, Chris and I went to dessert at the hot spot in town. Alicia and I had these amaing Martinis. Her's was called Chocolate, and mine was the Toblerone. So good. It was so nice to be able to sit down and just chat for a little bit. Chris was kind enough to run back to get the camera so we could have official documentation of the event. The poor guy was sweaty for the rest of the evening. But the picture is great...thanks Chris!

The last time we were Up North, we went for a walk with Eric and Aicia down to the beach, but it was a chilly day so we were all in long pants. There is a great shallow spot where the river joins the bay and it looked perfect for the kiddos to play in, so we really wanted to head back there to let Alyssa play. It really was the highlight of the weekend. Forgive all the pictures, there are just too many good ones

We had to leave the beach much sooner than we wanted to in order to get home in time to go to a baseball game. Unfortunately we have no pictures, but what a weekend... pool, dessert, beach, baseball, are you sure winter has to come?


  1. What cute pictures...capturing the fun up north!

  2. there were a lot of cool photos there. Alicia added "Buy a nice camera, like C&MB have" to our "things we want" list after this weekend :)