Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holly Jolly Days

As mentioned in my previous post, we have been having a blast doing activities everyday as we wait for Christmas to come. As I began to plan all of the activities, I realized how much more complicated this was going to be than originally thought. I had to take into account Chris' volleyball games, and preschool parties, and youth group nights and Oasis group nights etc... when determining which activity to do which night. I also had to plan around activities that had to occur on specific days.

Holly Jolly days took place downtown last weekend, and we were there. When we visited Frankenmuth for Chris' birthday, Alyssa saw a horse taking people on carriage rides and really wanted to go. I love her, but wasn't willing to pay their price. So...we did it for free instead! Our Saturday activity was to go on a horse drawn carriage ride!

This is the horse that pulled us through town.

Isn't she just so sweet?!

The fam at the end of our ride.

Great memories!

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