Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Winter!

Alyssa was thrilled last week when she awoke to find this much snow. can imagine the squeals this morning when she awoke to find this...

and of course the little guy taking it all in.

It's supposed to get worse today and tomorrow, so I may have my first official snow day as a parent tomorrow.  We'll see!


  1. =(

    I wanna come play in the snow. We've just had 40 mph winds and, like, 10" of rain.

    Maybe January? MI still has snow in January, right?

    Miss you, too. Bunches.

  2. This is too cute! I'm so glad Alyssa made snow angels! Such tutoring Evan is getting...Hugs,

  3. We too loved getting all the snow. It is so much fun to see winter through the eyes of our children.